YWC was established earlier this year, and has made progress faster than I could have ever imagined.

We have held endless meetings, attended seminars, thrown fund-raising events, and networked as much as possible; BUT it was not until our first mission trip to Sierra Leone that I truly realized the impact that Yehri Wi Cry may be having on Sierra Leone. With this trip being our first, mistakes and mishaps were inevitable but through it all the reward that came along with giving to those in need was priceless. It was heart-warming to be recognized by our elders as young adults of the Sierra Leonean diaspora striving to make a difference in the country, and as contributors to its post-civil war reconstruction. The words that continued to fuel my efforts as a YWC member were: “You young ladies do not realize that Yehri Wi Cry is exemplifying to others of your age as well as older Sierra Leoneans here in Sierra Leone, to make a difference. If you can do this at your young ages why can’t we that have the means to do so, do the same?”


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