Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School Teams Up With YWC For “Blankets For Babies”

“We were doing a science experiment involving lemons in my science class. I was searching the Internet and ran across an organization that talked about making lemonade out of lemons by helping others. I then read about the conditions in Sierra Leone and told my students about some of the problems people were facing there. My principal happened to be in my class and said, ‘Let’s help them!’“ explains seventh grade teacher Denise Cherry.

A few days later, while getting routine blood-work done at an annual check up, Miss Cherry mentioned to the lab tech manager that she was looking for Sierra Leonean organizations to partner up with for a classroom project. Ironically enough, the lab tech manager was familiar with Yehri Wi Cry; Miss Cherry went home that day and did some more research on YWC. The idea for Blankets For Babies was born in the Autism Department at Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School. “Our students in the Autism program want others to know that they are able to help even if in a small way,” says Cherry.

A project that started as a departmental initiative has now expanded to a school wide project! The students in the Autism Department are knitting blankets to donate to the mothers of Sierra Leone via Yehri Wi Cry, while the rest of the school leads fundraisers such as bake sales, and collects both monetary and blanket donations within the community. “We take nothing with us once we leave–it’s all left here. I hope that more people come to the realization that giving is truly loving one another. Giving blankets to babies is just the sweetest thing” concludes Cherry.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the generosity and enthusiasm that the Isaac J. Gourdine Middle School family is showing to such a worthy cause. We are honored and grateful, and we know that the women of Sierra Leone will be filled with gratitude over such an extension of kindness,” says YWC Secretary, Nadeen Lewally.

YWC will be presenting at Isaac J. Gourdine’s assembly on November 16th in recognition of American Education Week on how the importance of education pertains to YWC.


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