APRIL 3, 2012: Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. and Royal Dynamite have teamed up to launch the official “A.ltruism R.eflected T.angibly” Campaign to benefit Yehri Wi Cry, Inc.’s mission to alleviate maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone. The mission of the “A.R.T. For Life” Campaign is to create an atmosphere of giving back by the hands of the “art lover”. It is our goal to raise awareness on the serious issue of maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone through the eyes of the artist while also raising funds to contribute towards Yehri Wi Cry, Inc.’s mission to alleviate the crisis that plagues the West African nation. One in eight women die due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and one in five children die before even reaching their fifth birthday. “We wanted a fun and innovative way to draw attention to a calamity that is so ominous over the nation of Sierra Leone. We chose art because it’s something that speaks to audiences universally. It’s a strong method of delivering an important message,” says Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. Co-Founder and Co-Vice President, Nadia Sasso.

“When Royal Dynamite was approached by Yehri Wi Cry to do a collaboration for the ART For Life campaign, the decision to accept was a no-brainer. Their mission of empowering women and children in Sierra Leone aligns closely to our core values and the idea of utilizing art as a platform to raise awareness is what we take pride in as a brand. We look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership towards help Yehri Wi Cry accomplish their goals”, said Royal Dynamite co-founder and director Cecil Valentine.

The three-part campaign kicked off with a launch party at the Lexington Social House in Los Angeles, California on March 16, 2012 and will end on April 28, 2012 in Washington, DC at the 4thAnnual Green White and Blue Sierra Leonean Independence Ball. Artists must electronically submit their works by April 11th to be considered for entry into a Facebook “like” competition; the competition will give fans an opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces.  If chosen, artists will be asked to mail their work no later than April 20, 2012 to be auctioned off at the Green White and Blue Ball on April 28, 2012. Voting for the Facebook competition will take place fromApril 16th to April 23rd. The winner of the competition receives a grand prize of:  a $200 Cash Prize & a Design Printed on a Royal Dynamite T-Shirt ($100 cash and $100 Royal Dynamite gift certificate), and one round-trip ticket to Sierra Leone to join Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. on their next mission trip, courtesy of Air Arik. For complete contest rules visit: The Official A.R.T. For Life Website. Contact for more information.

About Yehri Wi Cry

Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. seeks to empower women by providing sterile birthing kits, along with infant-care products and information to encourage women to seek prenatal and postnatal care.

About Royal Dynamite 

Royal Dynamite is an e-commerce t-shirt company that seeks to promote innovative entrepreneurship and community empowerment by engaging artists, designers, and consumers through partnerships and contests.


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