In Memoriam: Matron Josephine Tucker


Yehri Wi Cry would like to extend our condolences to Bo Government Hospital on the loss of the late Matron Josephine Tucker who recently passed away in Sierra Leone. We are grateful for the opportunity to have interacted with Miss Josephine, whom we worked alongside  during our first mission trip.  She definitely had a profound impact on our success in fulfilling our first mission trip and her kind gestures and warm welcome were truly appreciated. She will be missed dearly. R.I.P. Josephine Tucker.




What Is A.R.T For Life?

Hear from leaders of both Yehri Wi Cry (YWC) and Royal Dynamite (RD) as they explain what the A.R.T For Life Campaign is all about.

1.    What does A.R.T stand for?
Altruism: devotion to the welfare of others
Reflected: to reproduce; show
Tangibly: real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary and capable of being touched

We essentially want artists to show the devotion to the welfare of humanity via something tangible as their art.

2.    What is the goal of the A.R.T For Life Campaign?
The mission of the “A.R.T. For Life” Campaign is to create an atmosphere of giving back by the hands of the “art lover”. It is our goal to raise awareness on the serious issue of maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone through the eyes of the artist while also raising funds to contribute towards Yehri Wi Cry, Inc.’s mission to alleviate the crisis that plagues the West African nation. One in eight women die due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and one in five children die before even reaching their fifth birthday.

3.    What inspired you all to do this campaign?
We wanted a fun and innovative way to draw attention to a calamity that is so ominous over the nation of Sierra Leone. We chose art because it’s something that speaks to audiences universally. It’s a strong method of delivering an important message.

4.    What makes the partnership of YWC and RD so unique?
YWC partnered with RD, because we share similar values in common and our missions somewhat aligned. Both organizations call Sierra Leone home and both are concerned with the future outcome of the nation. Royal Dynamite is a socially conscious community based t-shirt line that embraces the concept of collaborative style for awareness; where in they partner with other businesses and brands, along with artists to raise awareness to important issues via t-shirts. It was only fitting that for the reasons stated above we form a strategic partnership  to help propel YWC’s cause.

5.    How can artists get involved?

Artists must electronically submit their work by April 11th to be considered for entry into a Facebook “like” competition; the competition will give fans an opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces.  If chosen, artists will be asked to mail their work no later than April 20, 2012 to be auctioned off at the Green White and Blue Ball on April 28, 2012. Voting for the Facebook competition will take place from April 16th to April 23rd. The winner of the competition receives a grand prize of:  a $200 Cash Prize & a Design Printed on a Royal Dynamite T-Shirt ($100 cash and $100 Royal Dynamite gift certificate), and one round-trip ticket to Sierra Leone to join Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. on their next mission trip, courtesy of Air Arik. For complete contest rules visit: The Official A.R.T. For Life Website. Contact for more information.

6.    How can supporters of the campaign get involved?

  • Spread the word about this campaign by sharing this!
  • Vote for favorite art piece on facebook from April 16-23, 2012
  • Attend the A.R.T For Life Pop Up Shop event 4/28 @ 1pm
  • Attend GWB Ball for the live A.R.T Auction and buy art 4/28 @7pm
  •  Email for more information

7.    What is the future of the A.R.T For Life Campaign?
The plan is to create an awareness of the issues in Sierra Leone that is consistent and continuous. We want to create an atmosphere where in power of collaboration is embraced through ART to help further this campaign. The goal is to have a yearly ART For Life  design contest as well as utilize other forms of art such as music to help raise awareness to this important cause.

Amidst All The Chaos, There Is Beauty In Sierra Leone

As we approached the shores of Sierra Leone I was filled with chills!
Our flight was cool but it wasn’t that cold. As I looked at the houses
scattered across the mountains I had goosebumps simply anticipating
what we were getting ready to do for the mothers and infants in Bo.
The whole thing is still surreal to me. 

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YWC Ladies Hard at Work!!!!

Zainab, Marie, Nadia, Nadeen

As you all may know, the ladies of YWC are gearing up for their trip to Sierra Leone this summer, and guess what??!!! The shipments of Incentive Packages and Birthing Kits have arrived and been packaged!!!! Take a peek at the YWC ladies hard at work!!
Included in the incentive packages are full sized bottles of baby lotion, baby powder, and baby wash. The purpose of the incentive packages is to encourage expectant mothers to seek proper prenatal and antenatal care throughout their pregnancies. The incentive packages come with a blue carrying bag and an informational brochure on maintaining a healthy pregnancy and having a successful labor and delivery.