Meet The Artists Behind A.R.T. For Life & Pre-Bid On Your Favorite Piece

Bidding for the A.R.T. For Life Campaign has officially begun! Take a look at the featured artwork, find your favorite, and use the form at the bottom of the page to place your bid!

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5 Reasons Artists Should Submit Artwork to the A.R.T. For Life Campaign


1. Exposure!
Yehri Wi Cry has supporters throughout  Sierra Leone, DC, Maryland, Virginia and a newly added  Los Angeles, California! Social media and campaigning is a great aspect of our organization. We engage with our supporters through updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Whatever the latest social media trend, Yehri Wi Cry is on it! If your art work is worthy of being selected to participate in this year’s A.R.T. For Life Campaign, you will have the opportunity of showcasing your talents to audiences from the United States to Sierra Leone; as our “cry” is being heard, your art is being seen!

2. A.R.T for Good!
Use your talent for a great social cause! Take your art work to the next level! Affiliation with humanity is the best way of gaining supporters. Although this opinion may be bias, one thing that is for sure is the satisfaction you will gain from helping those in need. There are many individuals striving to raise awareness for the common causes of female empowerment and maternal health in a developing country that there is no way your work would go unnoticed or unappreciated.


3. Cultural Awareness!
Tangible art is a beautiful form of communication in the sense that it has the ability to speak to so many with little to no word usage. With the simple use of imagery meaning may be conveyed and thoughts may be translated across audiences worldwide.  YOUR art work relating to maternal and infant mortality affecting Sierra Leone may have what it takes to captivate the hearts of those that share the interest of making a difference in the maternal realm of Sierra Leone or better yet Africa in its entirety.

4. Work with Yehri Wi Cry!
Yehri Wi Cry consists of young, vibrant, and energized individuals always willing to think outside the box, and putting new ideas to the test. We can assure you that your collaboration with us will be one that is professional but nonetheless pleasurable!

5. Work with Royal Dynamite!
Talk about business men! As your work is submitted you will have the opportunity to have your art viewed by Royal Dynamite,who’s t-shirt designs are selected by their fan-base; by winning the contest your work will be their latest t-shirt design! A.R.T For Life will give you the unique networking opportunities with these guys and their resources from LA to DC! From Yehri Wi Cry’s perspective our collaboration with Royal Dynamite has been nothing short of amazing and we guarantee yours will be as well.

For More Information Visit:!a.r.t.-for-life/vstc3=article-3

All work is due electronically April 11, 2012 at 11:59pm!