YWC Spreads the Word at Bucknell University’s Black Arts Festival

April 16, 2011: YWC had a BLAST at Bucknell University’s Black Arts Festival, presented by the school’s Black Student Union whose 2010-2011 president is Miss Nadia Sasso, one of our LOVELY co-founders! The day was full of fun, fundraising, food, music and SO much more! The fabulous Fadena’s Jewelery Company was so kind to partner with YWC for the event, donating partial profits from sales to the organization. YWC had the pleasure of hanging out with the uber talented Five One band, as well as watch them perform. Check out YWC and Fadena’s Jewelery in action!


YWC members, Zainab Fadlu-Deen, Nadeen Lewally and Agnes Erskine with The Five One, and YWC supporter Beatrice Erskine.


YWC member Nadeen gettin’ her saleswoman on 😉


YWC, Recipients of $10,000 Davis Projects for Peace 2011 Grant

YWC is EXTREMELY proud to announce that we are recipients of the Davis Projects for Peace Grant. We’ve been awarded $10,000 towards our efforts in combating maternal mortality in Sierra Leone and we are immensely grateful to “the Vision of Kathryn W. Davis”. You can find out more information about the Davis Projects for Peace by clicking here.

YWC Welcomes You!!!

Once again, thank you so much for visiting the Yehri Wi Cry blog! Yehri Wi Cry’s mission is to launch a global campaign in an effort to raise awareness on maternal health in Sierra Leone; and to begin an initiative to alleviate the epidemic of infant and maternal mortality in Sierra Leone. With your help, we plan to:
  • distribute birthing kits to health facilities throughout Sierra Leone as an incentive to encourage women to seek proper prenatal and antenatal care
  • provide tutorials and clinicals to caregivers to ensure health kits are properly utilized
  • improve the overall birthing experience and successful birth rates throughout Sierra Leone.

What can you do to help? YWC asks that you simply donate your time, your talent, your treasure, or any combination of the three! Every little bit counts 🙂 Feel free to contact YehriWiCry@gmail.com for more information.