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The Official A.R.T. For Life original artworks are now available for purchase! Click your favorite piece, and it can be yours today 😉 


By: Ameshia Stukes

Twitter:  @rareherbz

Contact: artistameshia@yahoo.com

“This piece relates to empowering women through its rawness of material and symbolism. The message from the piece is direct in a way that it sparks conversation, it is relatable, as well as confrontational. It allows space for viewers to ask questions amongst themselves, and demonstrates self worth and value. In the society we live in now when there is talk about pregnant woman, especially in the African-American culture, what’s being said is not always positive. Some potential mothers may be asked “Are you keeping it”, referring to the unborn child, which fifty to sixty years ago the act of abortion would be looked down upon. This painting helps restore those values we had years ago, by addressing them directly with bold marks and by size, making it impossible to ignore. This piece allows women to be seen in a glorifying manner with out shame, but with beauty and care. It encourages women to be who they are and embrace the qualities that have been given to them so naturally.”

Minimum Bid: $60

Art Details: printed version of an acrylic ink on canvas, 36×60

Tomorrow’s Promise

By: Arnold Randall

Twitter: @ARtheArtist 

Contact: arnold.randall@gmail.com

This piece simply represents the unknown potential of the children that will be our future.  Of course, that potential cannot be reached if they are not offered the chance to grow; the chance at creating a tomorrow.  All of this starts with maternal health and securing the necessities needed to make sure that our today leads to their tomorrow.

Minimum Bid: $100

Art Details: 22in. x 3oin., mixed media piece, water color, pen, and fabric

“Hear Our Mother Cry”

       By: Chidinma H. Dureke     

Twitter:  @Art_isAdanma 

Contact:  chidinmadureke@gmail.com

Website: http://www.chichisart.com/

“This painting is about how life can take dramatic turn and why we must not take it for granted. This is especially true for the women in the third world countries like Sierra Leone The African woman in this piece is just a representation of so many more like her in Africa dealing with infant mortality. She is crying over the death of hear premature child. In this piece, if you look very closely, you can see that she is showing a public display of emotions of her misfortune of losing her child as she cries out to God and others around her. The mother’s face shows that the child has already died and the colors on her scarf use some of the primary colors in the Sierra Leone flag. Due to lack of medical care and money many woman in Africa are unable to get prenatal care and monthly doctor’s visits, and often have to work long hours on the fields to feed their families, resulting in infant mortality. In African culture a woman comes out in public display, crying aloud to the people and the spirits in the heavens when their children die prematurely.  “Look at what has become my portion!”- they would cry;  as she tearfully looks up at the heavens for answers and consolation. Yehri Wi Cry, Inc. mission to “Empower woman and save the lives of mothers and infants” in Sierra Leone and put a stop to infant mortality. This piece entitled “Hear our mother’s Cry” exemplifies YWC mission and the A.R.T. For Life Campaign by helping to put a stop to the endless sadness. No more children have to die due to Africa’s ignorance and lack of help!” 

Minimum Bid: $350

Art Details: 15.5 X16.5 inch, water color on paper

“Involuntary Mother”

By: Larry Singletary

Twitter: @origgenius16 

Contact: LarrySingletary33@yahoo.com

“Represents the morality of the African woman by way of poor birthing conditions; leaving orphans to sustain “life” as they know it.  Young girls forced to fend for both themselves their siblings ergo lodged into the realm as an “involuntary mother”. This piece personifies the mission of Yehri Wi Cry Inc.’s mission while at the same time to exposing the conditions  and inspiring others to get involved in helping to decrease both maternal and infant mortality.”

Minimum Bid: $400

Art Details: acrylic painting, 36in. x 36in.


“Me And My Mother’s Type 2, 2006”

By: Leen Isabel

Twitter: @leenisabel  

Contact: leenisabel@gmail.com

Website: www.leenisabel.com

“A painting I created about women who struggle with gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Her wings are made of needles & lancets. It is about a woman’s physical sacrifice for the well-being of their child. This is dedicated to my Mother who suffers with diabetes from my birth to this day. Through medical help, my mother survived the pregnancy and her medication and health care helps keep her diabetes under control.” 

Minimum Bid: $150

Art Details:  Framed 11×14 archival print of the piece

“Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

By: Heidi Kamp

Twitter: @heidisummerkamp

Contact:  heidisummerkamp@gmail.com

Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/heidikamp

“It is easy to ignore pressing issues when we are not directly affected by them. Not until it is our child, our mother, our sister, our grandmother–until it is us. We prefer to think locally and act locally, less guilt to swallow. Yehri Wi Cry urges us to think locally and act globally, to bring Sierra Leone’s accelerated mother/infant mortality rate to our minds.”

Minimum Bid: $300

Art Details: Graphic Design, printed on semi-gloss photo paper (ready to matt or frame). 36in x 18in


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