YWC was established earlier this year, and has made progress faster than I could have ever imagined.

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Amidst All The Chaos, There Is Beauty In Sierra Leone

As we approached the shores of Sierra Leone I was filled with chills!
Our flight was cool but it wasn’t that cold. As I looked at the houses
scattered across the mountains I had goosebumps simply anticipating
what we were getting ready to do for the mothers and infants in Bo.
The whole thing is still surreal to me. 

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YWC’s Marie Mansaray (Miss Sierra Leone USA 2010) takes YWC to Salone

The outpatient maternal center at Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH). April marked the one-year anniversary of the free maternal health care launch in Sierra Leone. Initially following the free care announcements outpatient centers were overflowing with mothers seeking care but over the course of a year many mothers have stopped turning to the hospitals for care.
Many women arrive at the hospital with just a lappa on. It is this same lappa that is used to wrap the baby.

Mariatu* arrived at PCMH following a home birth that went wrong.

Mariatu was fortunate to deliver a healthy baby despite her mishap.
Patricia Sandy earned her Midwife Certification three months ago.