Thank you so much for visiting the Yehri Wi Cry blog! Yehri Wi Cry (Krio for ‘Hear Our Cry’) was founded in the fall of 2010 by three childhood friends: Nadia Sasso, Zainab Fadlu-Deen and Marie Mansaray (Miss Sierra Leone USA 2010). The beautiful nation of Sierra Leone has a population of 5,363,669 people over a span 27,200 square miles of land. Although primarily known for its turmoil endured throughout an eleven-year civil war fueled by diamonds, Sierra Leone faces a great duel in the fight to eradicate infant and maternal mortality. According to Amnesty International, a woman in Sierra Leone faces a one in eight chance of dying from preventable complications of pregnancy and child birth. A highly contributing factor to the large proportions of fatal childbirths in Sierra Leone is the tremendous economic gap between the rich and the poor. The amount of women that cannot afford to seek the proper resources to carry a healthy pregnancy full term, heavily outweighs those who can.


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