YWC was established earlier this year, and has made progress faster than I could have ever imagined.

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Amidst All The Chaos, There Is Beauty In Sierra Leone

As we approached the shores of Sierra Leone I was filled with chills!
Our flight was cool but it wasn’t that cold. As I looked at the houses
scattered across the mountains I had goosebumps simply anticipating
what we were getting ready to do for the mothers and infants in Bo.
The whole thing is still surreal to me. 

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YWC, Recipients of $10,000 Davis Projects for Peace 2011 Grant

YWC is EXTREMELY proud to announce that we are recipients of the Davis Projects for Peace Grant. We’ve been awarded $10,000 towards our efforts in combating maternal mortality in Sierra Leone and we are immensely grateful to “the Vision of Kathryn W. Davis”. You can find out more information about the Davis Projects for Peace by clicking here.