The Ladies of YWC Share Mommy Memories

YWC Founder, Marie Mansaray: “Where would I be without her? She is my best friend, my sister, my confidant, my counselor, my rock, my father and best of all MY MOTHER! She makes my dreams come true single-handedly  and challenges me to be and do THE BEST time after time. In her eyes there is NOTHING Marie Mansaray can not achieve and as I follow in her footsteps I too believe that with her by my side that statement stands true.”
Marie Mansaray (right) and her mother Jinah Koroma
Zainab Fadlu-Deen: “Every Valentine’s Day ever since I’ve had enough sense to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, (probably elementary school), my Mama has always given me a Valentine’s Day Gift! Every year it’s something special with a card. If I’m away from home that weekend I can always expect that package in the mail, it never fails 🙂  Her commitment to doing this for me every year has shown me not only a mother’s love, but the beauty of love in general, and for that I humbly and gratefully thank her! Happy Mother’s Day Mama!!”
Zainab Fadlu-Deen (right) and her mother Mary-Faith Kamara
Naffisatu Conteh: “One special moment that I had with my mommy is when I was first able to discuss boys  with her and when she helped me to get ready for  my first date. She gave me some…. interesting advice to use while on the date (lol). Another  moment is when I, along with my siblings, was driving somewhere  with my mommy,  and on our way to that destination, so many different moods occurred due to us  making fun of each other…good times 🙂 The last thing is watching African movies and debating on it before even knowing the whole story.  Happy Mother’s Day Mommy ( yes I still call her that), I love and adore you. Your baby girl Naffi!”
Naffi Conteh and her mother, Angela Kalokoh
Nadia Sasso: “My mother is my sister, friend, confidant, and most importantly “my mommy”. I don’t mean to sound cliché, but I honestly don’t know what we would do without each other. I remember being so excited to move to college and leave home, but the minute I arrived I missed my mom and its because she is my biggest cheerleader; she knows all the right words to say, and at the right time. Working with YWC reminds me of the importance of my relationship with my mom and I would love to offer the same to the women and children of  Sierra Leone. I know how much or what you would want that to look like when you support Yehri Wi Cry!”
Nadia Sasso’s mother, Siah Sasso
Agnes Erskine: “My mother has always loved to take pictures. And I thank God for it, because looking back through the albums takes me on a journey of the struggles, sacrifices and victories of a mother to three daughters. As a child, I did not always understand the methods behind her madness (lol) but now that I’m older I cannot even put into words the magnitude of my admiration for the tenacity that Mafereh Kamara Erskine embodies. She’s blessed me with her courage, strength, love of God, and beauty 😉 I can only hope that I’ll be HALF as great a mother as she is one day. 
I LOVE YOU MOM and Happy Mother’s Day!
Your BIGGEST baby (lol), 
Agnes Memuna.”
Agnes Erskine (right) and her mother MaFereh Erskine

Mafereh Erskine

YWC Mamas, (left to right) Siah Sasso, Mary-Faith Kamara, Jinah Koroma

Nadeen Lewally: “Hmm Nucy has been my protector, my shield lol personal blanket! Always attempting to keep negativity from invading my growing experience but still keeping me AWARE. I appreciate that, granted I am a very nosy person and was fully aware of what was going on (side eye). Her protection has showed unconditional love, towards my brother and I, providing ALL that she can! Honestly strengthening us emotionally and mentally. And I admire that she shares  what she can literally give to others as well, believing in the power of love!”

Nadeen Lewally’s mother, Nucy Lewally